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2017. augusztus 07. hétfő, 13:00


Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1 "Town-Twinning”

The project “GIOVEntù per l'Europa – Youth for Europe” was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

Participation: The project involved 240 citizens, notably 12 participants from the city of Bacsalmas /Hungary)  and 14 from the City of Odorheiu Secuiesc (Romania).

Location/ Dates: The meeting, followed by a feed-back and dissemination phase,  took place in the City of Grantorto (Padova), in Venice,

in Asiago and in Padova from 5th to 10th of May 2017.

The project time frame is from February 3rd to October 20th 2017.

Short description:

The GIOVE project consisted of three phases: preparation, meeting and feed-back/dissemination.

GIOVE started in February 2017 with the pre- departure preparation of the participants of all  partners.

In Italy the preparation dealt with  the ppt focused on the requests to the city council, on the school and on the city of Grantorto.

Beside the videos and presentations, participants in Hungary and Romania focused on the presentation of the respective youth councils and schools. The   preparation process in all three countries involved the cities EuropeDirect desks as assistant and the City of Grantorto as coordinator. Teachers employed the tools from the

website http://europa.eu/kids-corner/ and organized the viewing of a LUX Prize winner movie.

The arrival of delegations in Grantorto took place on Friday, May 5th 2017. Delegations were welcomed by the Vice Mayor and the City Councillors. Participants were delivered the programme, and accompanied to their lodgings and to dinner.

On Saturday, May 6th 2017, the Romanian, Hungarian and Italian groups met at at the City Theatre. This meeting can be considered the highlight of the project because, after the authorities delivered the official speech, the participants introduced themselves to the public, and presented their school and town  focusing on the preparatory work led in the partner cities. The group from Romania presented its youth city councillor and described the new city regulations introduced in February 2017 with regard to youth representation.

The Italian students and their teacher presented their requests to the city council assembled for the purpose of hearing the young people, and organized a question time to collect and answer to their specific requests with schedules, budget lines and explanations on the state of play. The city councillors' meeting was followed by a debate with the public.

After lunch at the civic centre the young participants joined the ceremony of the raising of flags of the three countries accompanied by the execution of the national and European Anthems and organized by the Alpini. Later the participants made a guided tour of the Cittadella city ramparts and visited the local history Museum. At dinner the national groups took turns to perform their   music and dances from their cultural heritage.

May 7th 2017 was dedicated to the common history with a day trip to Asiago, the visit of the Great War Museum and of the National Great War Memorial where 54.286 fallen Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers are buried. The tour of the battlegrounds and cemeteries was guided  by the Corps of the Alpini.

May 8th 2017 was dedicated to the visit of the Venice Regional Government Headquarters, Ferro-Fini Palace.

Participants were given a tour and welcomed by the President of the Council, Mr.Ciambetti. Later the participants were received at the City of Venice, by the President of the City council. Both the City and the Regional Government explained to the participants how the councils work.

May 9th 2017, Day of Europe, was spent at the Province of Padova where the participants, along with the President, celebrated the Day of Europe with videos and contributions on the Schuman Declaration and the making of the European Union.

After lunch at the school canteen the participants joined the students at the middle school and shared the afternoon activities.

The farewell dinner was attended by the authorities with speeches, farewell greeting, delivery of presents and the promise to meet again soon.

On May 10th 2017 the delegations left for home.

Feed-back and dissemination

After the meeting the delegations returned their comments about the GIOVE project and reported their experience to their class and school-mates.

The meetings were disseminated across all the partners websites. The comments were very satisfactory and showed the participants' deep understanding of the project GIOVE.

Photos, videos, comments, reports are available here.








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